Broadly Curious Advisors’ wide experience and industry network help you navigate the changing world of payments, whether you’re a merchant, financial institution, or startup. With expertise ranging from co-brands and loyalty programs to data security and mobile commerce, a conversation could lead to something great...

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Who I Am

I'm a payments expert with a passion for solving problems for companies large and small. I'm also the president of NYPAY, the NY region’s premier professional organization of payment industry leaders and innovators.

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What I Do

Provide Insights  to make sense of data, observations, and ideas. Create Strategies around insights and provide metrics to measure success. Implement strategies to deliver results and meet objectives.

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How I Work

Solving a problem starts with understanding it: talking with those involved, internally and externally; reviewing data; assessing the environment. From that comes possible answers and opportunities.

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Dreams of iPhone and NFC Salvation

I’ve recently seen more speculation on the next iPhone and how it will include NFC and transform the industry.  Dream on. Let me set the stage.  Around the world, people will increasing do more activities on their phones.  The speed with which this happens will vary by nation population segment of the population and for […]

Mobile payments and market segments

This started from a piece in TechCrunch, and my response to the piece and subsequent comments. One of the comments talked about m-Pesa’s success, and drew a distinction between markets where is the a need for a new system and markets where that is more a want. One, the “need vs. want” distinction Ben noted […]