The Interchange Conundrum: A Novel Solution

October 2023 Introduction For the last several decades the notion that the US payment system’s interchange structure is broken has drawn passionate arguments from many in the payments world. The recent re-introduction of the Credit Card Competition Act  (CCCA) has stoked this fire with heated arguments both in favor and in opposition. There is much […]

Apple Pay, Further Thoughts

I’d promised more thought on Apple Pay after I’d read and thought about it a bit more. That reading and thinking continues, but with an update overdue  I offer a few thoughts.  For  clarity, I’ll use the term “proximity payment” to mean paying at a physical point of sale; “remote payments” for buying through a […]

Why Simple Wins

I’m a payments geek, I freely admit, and read about this stuff for fun. I get a kick of out it, and miss it when I haven’t had time to dig into what’s behind the acronym soup that I’ve seen but don’t really understand.  I like knowing about such things– I am broadly curious– and […]