How I Work

Solving a problem starts with understanding it: talking with those involved, internally and externally; reviewing data; assessing the environment. From that comes possible answers and opportunities.

All starts with opportunities: fixing a problem or reaching an objective. A project might stop there, but typically goes further. Next steps generally include:

  • Setting priorities: All opportunities are not equal, and those that seem right at first might not make the most sense on reflections. I enable that reflection, and help set objective criteria for deciding
  • Determining difficultly: An opportunity must be realized, and doing so is rarely simple. I help think through the challenges– who must be convinced, what resources will be needed, what could help and what could impede. This allows sizing the project.
  • Making a plan: The nitty-gritty; making sure all of the steps are considered, connected, and ordered correctly. The result is a plan for success.
  • Implementing the plan: This requires trust, cooperation, communicating and cajoling. The more complicated the project, the more important are those factors.