Selected Projects

US Launch of Tablet-Based POS System

A $13 billion Japanese firm had built as successful tablet-based POS system in its home market and wished to expand into the US. They engaged BCA to build a team for a US-market test and later full launch. Project involved marketing positioning, product roadmap, identifying payment gateway and distribution channel (ISO), hardware certification (for EMV and NFC) as well as contract negotiations.

The team has taken the project from concept to test market launch; full launch to follow in 2016/2017.

Payments Litigation Support

Providing support of ongoing litigation related to card network rules and price setting practices. Support involves review of discovery materials, developing deposition approach, and helping frame arguments based on BCA industry experience.

PCI-Compliance Roadmap for Healthcare Startup

Currently working with healthcare care startup whose product replaces paper for patient-facing activities.  The startup wishes to add payments to their product, and has engaged BCA to map out PCI and technical requirements for this product enhancement.

Investor Advisory

BCA provides frequent advisory consultation on public and private payment firms–including payment networks, processors, POS providers and FinTech firms–to investors, fund managers, and analysts.

Payment Card Routing Options

Contracted by two retail organizations to suggest merchant steering options in light of recent regulatory and legal changes. This involved combining advice of legal counsel with my knowledge of payment technology and retail environments to propose options that retailers could reasonably implement.

Reducing Cost of Payment Acceptance

A rapidly growing firm using multiple customer-facing technologies had not reviewed acquirer contacts.  A dramatic spike in payment costs led to BCA being engaged to understand the source of cost increases.

I reviewed the merchant acquirer reporting, 3rd parties involved in the payments flow, and brought in an associate with expertise in interchange and fee analysis.  We found opportunities to reduce chargebacks, interchange, and processor fees by 85 bps (basis points, or 0.85%) through improved internal processes and an additional 130 bps by changing merchant acquirer.

Commercial Card Product Optimization

A major commercial card issuer with leading position in several international markets wished to rationalize and improve its MIS offerings.  BCA was contracted to survey their current products and recommend improvements.  

Through interviews with current customers, sales teams, and competitive analysis, I created streamlined product set to compete more effectively with MIS offerings from other issuers.

Interchange Analysis for Payments Security Startup

Analyzed interchange qualification rules to determine what data firm would need to capture in order to offer clients a lower interchange rate.

Affinity Card Rewards Platform Improvement

A nationally-known affinity card program realized their reward program needed improvement, and contracted BCA to compare their site’s user experience and functionality in comparison to market-leading programs.   

African Mobile Finance Services Partner Strategy

A $6 billion Europe-based mobile & digital platform firm wished to add financial services to their mobile network in certain West African countries.  They engaged me to understand payment gateway needs and evaluate potential partners. Those financial services are currently being rolled out.

Increasing Recurring Payments for US Issuer

Card Issuer and Network groups of a major issuer wanted to increase recurring payments. An RFP had been issued and a potential partner identified, but due diligence needed performing, a business case & recommendation needed to be developed, and that recommendation needed approval by several groups.

I coordinated efforts between business units and internal utilities (risk, GCO, data protection, finance), negotiated pricing with the vendor, and built the business case. The project received full approval and I completed contract negotiations.

Prepaid Investment Optimization

The Prepaid Services group of a leading card issuer had a joint venture (JV), focused on the corporate market, which was not performing up to expectations. I was asked to help analyze the situation and make recommendations.

I  built the case for migrating Prepaid Services group corporate sales and servicing to the joint venture and help the JV enter the consumer promotions vertical. Post-migration JV fiscal year sales of increased 18% increase over prior year.

Worldwide Metrics System

International Card Operations had no means of tracking costs on a functional level, which limited forecasting and margin analysis. I was asked to find a remedy.

Reviewing internal and external options, I identified a good solution, found resources to help me implement it, and built a case for moving to it. The system, which allows margin analysis and forecasting of a 2 billion dollar cost base and validation of $150MM in annual re-engineering, continued to be used more than 10 years after implementation.